annelise michelson
more amor

amor is a jewelry collection signed by parisian designer and sculptress annelise michelson

the commission was to design a logotype whose main objective was to authentically capture the essence of the collection:

empowerment and self-love

in addition to the typeface taking up the curved shapes, both generous and sharp of the jewels in this collection, the letter A hides a heart shape in its drawing.

the studio was also asked to develop a complete digital strategy incorporating teresa ciocia’s photographs into image compositions. the aim was to create a campaign with a pop, light and joyful tone, reflecting the spirit of the collection.

to create rhythm in instagram publications, a system combining packshot images, campaign photos, text inserts and image compositions has been developed.

graphic design by eschenlauer sinic
campaign photographs by teresa ciocia
post production by gloria torquati
style by nelly carle